Authentic GoodWood NYC Pieces Now Available

GoodWood - King Tut (more colours in store)

Our highly-anticipated shipment from GoodWood NYC couldn’t have come at a better time. The designs of these iconic accessories have been a popular bite for a minute, but the handcrafted details and “GW” mark on every piece have yet to be duplicated. Don’t get caught slippin’, Authentic GoodWood NYC necklaces, bracelets, and rings are NOW AVAILABLE at the Victoria shop! (Vancouver 10/25/2010)

More colours in store. Click for bigger images.

GoodWood - Jesus Piece (more colours in store) GoodWood - Black DiamondGoodWood - Brass Knuckles ChainGoodWood - AK47 ChainGoodWood - Switchblade Chain GoodWood - 3 Pack Necklace GoodWood - 3 Pack BraceletGoodWood - Dog TagGoodWood - Lionheart RosaryGoodWood - Gucci LinkGoodWood Wing Bracelet GoodWood 2 Finger Rings

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