OBEY Women's Jump Street Jacket

Women’s pieces from OBEY from this Holiday season are also NOW in stock this week at Complex Victoria. While the line is very heavy in layered jackets for the winter months, crew neck sweaters, parkas, button-downs, and accessories were also added to give you complete outfit options. As with the mens, not all pieces from the collection are pictured, but more colours and styles are available in-store. Click for larger images.

OBEY Women's Jealous Lover Jacket (black) OBEY Women's Jealous Lover Jacket (grey)

OBEY Women's Wetlands Woven OBEY Women's Monaco Woven

OBEY Women's Pinstripe Woven OBEY Women's High Fashion Crewneck

OBEY Women's Dawn Fades Jacket OBEY Women's Bag

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