9Five Eyewear Summer 2011

Sapporo x 9Five Cults

Over 15 different shapes and colours of sunglasses from California’s 9Five Eyewear are now available at both Complex locations. Collaborations between Sapporo (seen above), Gold Wheels, and signature models from Josh Kalis, Karl Watson, and Jordan Hoffart were all included in the first sunglass shipment of the year. Click for larger images, Sapporo beer glass included.

9Five Cults Blackout9Five Cults Clear

9Five Cults Hoffart9Five Cults Tortoise9Five Cults Blackout

Gold Wheels x 9Five Cults9Five Major Blackout9Five Major Clear

9Five Kalis Blackout9Five Kalis Phillies9Five Kalis Matte Red

9Five Watson Blackout9Five Watson SFSapporo x 9Five Cults

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