KR3W Denim Holiday 2011

KR3W Denim Holiday 2011

While this week marks the arrival of Holiday shipments from Penfield, Supra, Obey, Acapulco Gold, and LRG, KR3W Denim Co. lands first, offering a wide selection of affordable goods for both shops. The collection includes everything from hoodies and jackets to sweats and denim, and as we’ve come to expect from the dudes at KR3W, the branding is kept to a minimum. Click for larger images.

KR3W Logan Hooded JacketKR3W Morrison Varsity HoodieKR3W Morrison Varsity Hoodie
KR3W Dawson WovenKR3W Marshall HoodieKR3W Wade Winter Jacket

KR3W Denmar Fleece PantsKR3W Denmar Fleece PantsKR3W K Slim Denim
KR3W K Slim Twill PantKR3W K Slim Twill PantKR3W Klassics Basic Denim

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