Naked & Famous Spring Re-Stock

Naked & Famous x ONI Weird Guy Denim

Following the release of their collaboration with ONI, rare and raw Japanese denim from Naked & Famous is back in full stock at both shops. 6 more colours in the tapered Weird Guys make up the majority of the drop, with 3 more straight-legged Slim Guys. Click for larger images and fit details.

Naked & Famous Grey Selvedge Denim (Weird Guy only)Naked & Famous Black Selvedge Denim (Weird Guy & Slim Guy)Naked & Famous Solid Black Selvedge Denim (Weird Guy only)

Naked & Famous Left Hand Twill Denim (Weird Guy & Slim Guy)Naked & Famous Indigo Denim (Weird Guy & Slim Guy)Naked & Famous Selvedge Chino (Weird Guy only)

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