GoodWood NYC Spring 2011

GoodWood NYC Jesus Piece (Natural)GoodWood NYC Jesus Piece (Maple)GoodWood NYC Jesus Piece (Black)

Shipment number one of 2011 from “the original, for originals” is now available at both Complex locations. GoodWood NYC holds it down yet again with classic pieces like the Jesus, Pharaoh, and Brass Knuckle pendants, as well as a few new looks including the Bowtie and Bag pieces for the ladies. Full selection in-store, click for larger images.

GoodWood NYC Chief (natural)GoodWood NYC 2011 Jesus PieceGoodWood NYC Pharaoh (black)
GoodWood NYC UziGoodWood NYC Toy SoldierGoodWood NYC Boombox
GoodWood NYC RosaryGoodWood NYC Gucci LinkGoodWood NYC 420 Piece
GoodWood NYC Wing BraceletGoodWood NYC 3 Diamond BraceletGoodWood NYC Helping Hand Bracelet
GoodWood NYC Anchor BraceletGoodWood NYC Bullet BraceletGoodWood NYC One Love Bracelet
GoodWood NYC Master KeyGoodWood NYC UziGoodWood NYC Brass Knuckle
GoodWood NYC Bowtie (blue)GoodWood NYC Bowtie (black)GoodWood NYC Travel BagGoodWood NYC Pump

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